The Witch’s Familiar – Spiritual Partnership for Successful Magic


The Witch’s Familiar focuses on the definition of a Familiar, its historical background, how to obtain a Familiar, what Familiar spirits can accomplish to aid the Witch, how to work with a Familiar, and how to release one when the time comes to part company. For the beginner this book will provide everything that is required in order to understand Familiar spirits and how to safely work with them. For the seasoned Witch this book will contain expansive and innovative techniques to further enhance their current practices.

Included in the book is a magical system for creating and using mystical seals that are designed to aid the Witch in evoking and working with Familiar spirits. This system presents seals and material that has never been published before, and is based upon Pagan elements instead of the Hebrew and Kabalistic seals that commonly appear in most currently available Grimoires and spell books.

The Witch’s Familiar is the first thorough, serious, and in-depth work on the subject to be produced for modern Witches and Pagans. It deals not only with how to obtain a Familiar and how to work with one, but also provides the reader with cautions and remedies concerning any problems that may occur in this magical partnership.

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