Welcome to the new House of Grimassi

Welcome to the HouseofGrimassi.com, which is not only a new and more functional design, but is actually a new approach to interactivity and the sharing of knowledge related to the subjects of my work over the last 40 years.  I am also delighted to join with Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi, through this our partnership website, as we bring together the various facets of our ongoing work through the House of Grimassi.  Within this site you will find resources for exploring the history of witchcraft and wicca, blog posts on related subject matters, links for purchasing our books and products, articles and interviews, current updated lists of our latest appearances and much more.

The new site is setup in a blog format, so that it can become a living realm of the work, ever growing and expanding to provide as much information, knowledge and wisdom as possible to the greater community.  So please feel free to stop by often, as we’ll be posting updates frequently, sharing new articles, and continuing to add more and more material from our archives for your exploration.

Old World Witchcraft

Old World Witchcraft explores totally new territory and presents elements of witchcraft unseen in popular witchcraft books to date. In essence, this book is about “an enchanted worldview,” one that has not necessarily been inherited from the beliefs and practices of any particular region and one which is available to us today.

The “Old World” in the title is actually about a magical view of the Plant Kingdom and the spirits attached to it. While earlier Grimassi books discuss the cultural expressions and commonality of witchcraft beliefs and practices in general, this book penetrates much deeper.

Old World Witchcraft reveals rarely discussed topics such as the concept of Shadow as the organic memory of the earth. Readers will learn rooted techniques that possess power because these ways have always been connected to it. They will learn methods of interfacing with the ancestral current and with the organic memory of the earth. Through these they can connect with the timeless arts and learn methods of empowerment directly from the ancient source.

Totally new information about familiar tools is presented. For example, the mortar and pestle is a tool for spell casting, a device that creates interfacing with plant spirits and with shadow, and a focal point for veneration of the Plant Kingdom. Grimassi also presents the art of using plant ashes for magical sigil work.

This book is for people who have had their fill of books that say the same things over and over, who want to take the next step, and who are eager for the more rooted ways that have remained largely hidden.

If I am not me, then who the hell am I?

I feel that one of the sad facts about Internet forums is that many people believe whatever is repeated long enough.  I don’t recall which Republican once made the following comment, but I think it’s true.  He said that he could convince people that a square is really a triangle if he just said it often enough.  I see a parallel here that I believe applies to reputations as well.  When I read things on Internet forums about me, I am always at a loss to understand how people who don’t know me and have not had first hand experience of me, have such strong opinions about my character.

One of the many odd things about being an author is to encounter statements about me that are wildly inventive.  I’m not sure why some people use their time to create false tales about me, but I suppose that’s another blog to consider at some future time.  But I will add that a friend recently commented that detractors are people who want to limit.  They are opposed to expansion and to alternative views.  I suppose that living in a closed box that way is comforting and protective.  A threat to that causes anger, which is a fear-based emotion, and so the need to remove or diminish the threat becomes imperative.  So with key boards at the ready, off these people go into Internet forums to attack the threat to their version of reality.

Some recent nonsense on the Internet forums has caused me to muse about something:  are we who we are, or are we (to some degree) what people paint us to be?  Does a false image become a truth because it’s fed?  It does seem to take on a life of its own.  So, from a magical perspective, what does this manifest in connection to the real person who is falsely depicted?  One occult principle states that thoughts are things, which means that manifestation can take place when enough concentration and effort is applied.  Interesting possibilities there…. Read More »