Major Part of Filming Complete!


Raven and I  have just finished filming the first part of the Ever Ancient, Ever New DVD.  On July 25th and 26th we filmed 5 hours of content for the 2 hour video.  It was an amazing experience, exhausting and intense!  It started on Friday afternoon when the film crew came to set up all of the equipment for the two days of filming.  It looked like a real film set with all of the cameras, lights, reflectors, gadgets and gear.  We even had a makeup artist to make sure we looked good under the camera lights and that we translated well onto the film. On Saturday, we started at 9 am and filmed until 4 pm with a well deserved lunch break in-between.   The interview format worked very well.  Just like we had envisioned.   The biggest concern is that we bring to you what we said we would, and we feel confident that we will!

After the crew left on Saturday, we were exhausted and immediately crashed into bed.  I mean at 5 pm!  I felt like I had been on an amusement ride for hours and my head was spinning.  Raven was always his cool calm and collected self

Set call (heheh) on Sunday was 7:30 am, way too earlier but that is show biz!  We started filming at 9:00 am and again went until 4 pm.

Then came break down of the set which did not take as long as the set up of the technical equipment.  Now all is back to normal?

The people that we worked with over these past three days are some of the most professional, grounded and creative people we have met and had the pleasure to create and work with.

We are now moving into the third part of the project- editing and filming our “B” roll additions.  There is much more to this then meets the eye.

We have a lot of production shots to share with you and you will be able to view them on our House of Grimassi Facebook page this week. Stay Tuned!

Kickstarter Announcement: Ever Ancient, Ever New: Witchcraft by the Hearthside DVD

Our DVD DOCUMENTARY, “EVER ANCIENT, EVER NEW: WITCHCRAFT BY THE HEARTHSIDE”  has been a project we have had a dream and aspiration to do for 8 years.  We have talked about the concept and creation over the years and held the vision, knowing there would be a right time and opportunity to bring it into manifestation.

Why now?

We have met an amazing team of people from a professional production company at eTown Videos who will bring their creativity and expertise to our project. Their willingness to work with us while gathering the financial means opened the door!  An example of their work is our introduction video which we feel is awesome and only an inkling of what the DVD will be.  Imagine that!!

AND NOW there is KICKSTARTER!  Who knew that such an opportunity would arise!  BUT… we can not make it happen without YOU!

It has always been, and continues to be, the passion of our lives to keep the Old Ways flame burning and preserve the tradition and ways of our ancestors while bringing them forward into the 21st Century understanding and practice.

WITH SUPPORT FROM YOU, our  Kickstarter Backers, the fruition of this project would be a dream come true for us and, we feel, for you as well.

Our DVD will explore the roots and ways of Witchcraft throughout the Ages and into modern times. In the old tradition of hearthside chats and storytelling, we will pass on the richness, wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered from over 45 years of research, study, practice, and personal experience…………. and is ever ancient and ever new.


Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch: Mastering the Five Arts of Old World Witchery

grimoireLearn to Stand with Feet Rooted in Shadow and Hands Stretched to the Stars

“In your hands is Raven Grimassi’s most personal and powerful work to date. In it he shares profound Craft teachings that will transform your relationship with magick, and your work as a Witch. I wish I’d had access to this treasure earlier on my path.”—Christopher Penczak, co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and author of the Plant Spirit Familiar

For the first time in more than a decade, Grimassi introduces readers to a new system of witchcraft, one that draws upon the old ways and the old days. Rich with spells, rituals, and detailed illustrations of plant spirits, Grimassi dares readers to take the path that leads deep into the darkened woods—to traverse upon the Thorned Path.

Meet the entities that dwell within the organic memory of the earth, the devas, the deities, the magical life force that lies within the wooded glen. Learn to work with these spirits, and use their wisdom to transform your life and your practice.