Bird’s Eye View

Image result for trees in winter images In light of uncertain times ahead, I offer the "Teachings of the Tree" This is something I wrote some time ago, but I think is timeless. It is what I believe is worthy of attainment even though we may stumble along the Path. The Teachings of the Tree - A Greenwood Perspective
* Have a position with deep roots in your understanding of it, and stand firm in your place within the world. * Reach upward to touch lofty things, and outward to extend yourself to the world. * Provide shade for those who need rest, and shelter for those who come to you. * Bear fruit, and be abundant. * In the Winters of your life, conserve your resources. * In your Springs, take advantage of the opportunities for new growth. * In your Summers, expand, thrive, and reach new heights. * In your Falls, release what no longer serves, make preparations, and await renewal. * When all is said and done, leave behind some seeds.

ANNOUNCEMENT- Italian Witchcraft Course

Our Home Study Course is now available for enrollment until the 25th of January.  This is a 13 month Course of Study with monthly  lessons sent to your email as attachments. The Course also provides a "members only" Facebook group discussion Group, which allows for expansion on the lesson material along with topics not covered in the formal lessons.
You will also have access to one-on-one contact with instructors. Here is the link:     If you have any problems registering please contact us:

Communing with the Ancestors Review

One of the most beautiful things about Raven Grimassi as a teacher and an author is the depth that he brings forward to share with the pagan and witchcraft communities. His contributions as a much loved and respected elder through his writings are unlike anyone else. Often presenting research on ancient concepts, myths, lore and practices he also breathes new life into them with his wisdom, experience and innovation. His latest book Communing with the Ancestors: Your Spirit Guides, Bloodline Allies, and the Cycle of Reincarnation is absolutely no exception.