Hereditary Witchcraft – Secrets of the Old Religion


HEREDITARY WITCHCRAFT explores the beliefs and practices of Witches who have passed their ancient Craft from generation to generation.   This book provides sound evidence for the existence of Family Traditions still thriving in the late 19th century, and up into modern times.  The book also clearly demonstrates that the Old Religion is not something that began with the writings of Gerald Gardner. 

Of special interest is a section comparing the various aspects of Gardnerian Wicca with the earlier tenets of Italian Witchcraft revealed by Charles Leland.   Here one discovers that almost every aspect of modern Wicca appeared over half a century earlier in Leland’s works on Italian Witchcraft.  This is a ground breaking book with a lot of material and symbols never before seen in print.  As an added  bonus the book reveals a runic divination system based on the Tuscan peasant Witch tradition.


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