Wiccan Magick – Inner Teachings Of The Craft

Empower your spellwork and enhance your magickal prowess with this in-depth guide to Wiccan magick.

Raven Grimassi reveals initiate-level Craft teachings gathered over the course of more than thirty-five years of study and practice. You’ll discover the occult properties of natural objects and the means by which their power can be tapped. The secrets of lunar light and lunar magnetism are revealed in this book, along with techniques to bind or release this ancient energy source. You’ll learn about solar and lunar consciousness, magickal reasoning, the astral realm and the odic force, and their significance in spells and rituals. Gain a true understanding of the essence of magick-its core principles, philosophies, and inner mechanics-and its connection with the Wiccan mysteries with this extensive guidebook on Wiccan Magick. Then set forth on your own magickal journey…

Wiccan Magick is a serious & complete study for those who desire to understand the inner meanings, techniques & symbolism of magick as an occult art. Magick within modern Wicca is an eclectic blending of many occult traditions that evolved from the ancient beliefs & practices in both Europe, the Middle East & Asia. Wiccan Magick covers the full range of magickal & ritual practices as they pertain to both modern ceremonial & shamanic Wicca.Come to understand the evolution of the Craft, the ancient magickal current that flows from the past to the present, & the various aspects included in ritual, spell casting, & general theology. When you understand why something exists within a ritual structure, you will know better how to build upon the underlying concepts to create ritual that is meaningful to you.

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