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Raven Grimassi- Rebuttal to 2011 Blog by David Griffin

When Imagination Runs Wild Whenever I come out to teach something on Italian Witchcraft, my critics and malefactors drag out old attacks on my character from the Internet.  In recent times an old Blog from 2011 was paraded out. It involves a character named David Griffin, who I had some initially cordial communications with that […]

Raven’s Open Letter of Health Circumstances

Today marks an important year anniversary for me, and I want to share this with you.  I tend to be a very private person by nature, and in accord I’ve kept my situation a secret from all but a few friends and family members.  It was never my intention to make this public, but circumstances […]

If I am not me, then who the hell am I?

I feel that one of the sad facts about Internet forums is that many people believe whatever is repeated long enough.  I don’t recall which Republican once made the following comment, but I think it’s true.  He said that he could convince people that a square is really a triangle if he just said it […]