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Inner Mysteries- New Session Beginning January 2018

    Most people will agree that our soul preexists our body. In other words, we existed before we were a fetus in our mother’s womb. New Age philosophy introduced the idea that were are born with everything we need to know, and that all we need do is turn inward for the answers and […]

Registration OPEN Inner Mysteries Course of Study

OPEN FOR REGISTRATION DECEMBER 2017  LESSONS BEGIN JANUARY 2018 The Inner Mysteries: Understanding the Mystical Foundation of pre-Christian European Concepts Email Course of Study  You’ve no doubt heard the term “Inner Mysteries” but have thought about what it really means?   The Inner Mysteries reveal the greater depth and the rootedness of what empowers the practitioner […]

Gee, It’s Good to be Back Home- Thanks for Your Support!

Greetings All, We are finally getting back to a somewhat normal routine after the house fire at our home.  If you have not heard about this, we are sure there are many accounts of it here and there.  Some are accurate and some not. Lightning struck the house during a freak storm on June 27th […]