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In Memoriam -Raven Grimassi

IN MEMORIAM A man of dignity and unbending principles

Raven Grimassi- One of the 25 Most Influential Living Pagans

  Much to my surprise I received today what I feel is a great honor.. I was listed in the “25 Most Influential Living Pagans” posted on Patheos.…/the-25-most-influential-living-pa…/ The timing on this is interesting. Recently I did a couple of workshops, and most of the attendees were young people. It was an odd feeling […]

Inner Mysteries- New Session Beginning September 2018

Registration is open! Session begins on September 1st.   Most people will agree that our soul preexists our body. In other words, we existed before we were a fetus in our mother’s womb. New Age philosophy introduced the idea that were are born with everything we need to know, and that all we need do […]