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Most people will agree that our soul preexists our body. In other words, we existed before we were a fetus in our mother’s womb. New Age philosophy introduced the idea that were are born with everything we need to know, and that all we need do is turn inward for the answers and the direction we seek.

But if so, then that would be true of our soul even without a body. In other words the soul already possesses what it arrives with in any flesh incarnation. So IF we embrace the idea that we already contain the answers and direction within, then why do we incarnate in the first place?.

The Inner Mysteries teach us that we are here to find our purpose, and then to devote ourselves to fulfilling that purpose. This requires the soul to experience a finite and chronological reality, the material plane of existence.

Consider this, if we are dreaming of building a chair it is unlikely that the chair will be completed. The hammer or other tool we use could turn into a cell phone and then we are calling a friend. We go off to find the friend but can’t, and a number of other things take place. This is called the dream mind consciousness.

The dream mind is the natural state of consciousness for the soul. It is adaptable, fluid, and attuned to shifts and transformation that it readily accepts and acts upon. The soul is at home in this mentality. It does not think in terms of chronology, consistency, cohesion, or linear reality.

In material reality we CAN build a chair, we can complete the process. There is a practical functionality in the material mentality that is absent in the dream mind mentality. Each of these realities serve in the own way, but the ways are different and have their own unique importance and application.

When a soul is encased in a material body it becomes subject to the ways of material existence. It learns how to integrate the practical values of material existence with the experience of its non-material existence. It learns to become a composite being capable of both linear and non-linear processing, thought, application, and creation. This is the education of the soul.

Through this it comes to realize “purpose” and how to apply it as it remains cohesive within the soul’s consciousness. Without the influence of material reality the stream of consciousness would wander off to other unrelated things.

Are you interested in finding your purpose? Are you interested in learning how to integrate material and non-material reality to aid in your soul’s education, growth and evolution?

Come join us on a Path to your own self-discovery. This month of December is open enrollment in a Home Study Course on the Inner Mysteries. Lessons begin in January. It is a 7 month Course of Study with lessons delivered by email attachments. Members are provided with a private FB Group for further discussion and exploration of the lesson material.

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The Inner Mysteries: Understanding the Mystical Foundation of pre-Christian European Concepts Email Course of Study 

You’ve no doubt heard the term “Inner Mysteries” but have thought about what it really means?   The Inner Mysteries reveal the greater depth and the rootedness of what empowers the practitioner of Witchcraft, Wicca, and those Pagans systems connected to the Wheel of the Year.  In this Course of Study you will discover many things you may have never before encountered.  What this Course offers is the keys to unlocking and understanding the Inner Mysteries that lead to individual enlightenment and a successful spiritual evolution. It incorporates ancestral knowledge and wisdom and applies it to modern times. In this way it is ever ancient and ever new.

The lessons are $35.00 each and payment is due on the first of each month. The lessons are emailed as an attachment once a month for seven months. The course of study includes a private Facebook group for discussion of the material.  

 The seven lessons will include the following topics:

       The Cauldron Mysteries
       Women’s Mysteries
        Men’s Mysteries
        The Mystery of the Soul in time and space
        Transformation Mysteries
        Fermentation Mysteries
        Agricultural Mysteries
        Blood Mysteries
        Dark Mysteries
        Mysteries of the Four Elements
What the Inner Mysteries offer is not the dead and mummified remains of some outdated previous system. Instead they present a living, active and authentic spiritual survival from an earlier natural time when humans lived in “common cause” with the world around them. It was a time when humans realized their place in the world, and drew purpose from that realization.  We all can once again.

Come and join us, and get to the roots of the matter

 There are two ways to make lesson payments:

Credit card OR PayPal Subscription

Read the instructions below carefully when you place your enrollment order.

When you place an order directly on Raven’s Loft and pay with a credit card  for the first lesson you MUST then print, fill out, scan and email or mail us the registration forms which will include a credit card for the next 6 months and will be charged at the beginning of each month.  Our website no longer captures card info and PayPal does not give it to us.

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Gee, It’s Good to be Back Home- Thanks for Your Support!

Greetings All,

We are finally getting back to a somewhat normal routine after the house fire at our home.  If you have not heard about this, we are sure there are many accounts of it here and there.  Some are accurate and some not.

Lightning struck the house during a freak storm on June 27th and it caught fire in the attic and burned onto the third floor where firefighters were able to contain it.  Unfortunately, it was the water from fighting the fire that damaged the house the most.   It is now in the process of being restored.  It will take up to a year for this process to be completed.

In the meantime, we have settled into the rental we have and continuing to “boot up” again in all ways.

We are doing workshops and events (check our events page).  We are back to broadcasting our BTR show Seasons of the Witch.  Raven’s Loft internet store is regrouping and will be updating with new merchandise and another clearance sale.  The clearance sale has been going on for quite some time as we want to concentrate on the items that support the teachings we provide through our life’s work.  Raven and I make many of the items we offer.  Raven is beginning a new book.  All around we feel blessed and supported by you and are extremely grateful.

Blessings of the Season!