Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi is a 3rd degree initiate of a Celtic Traditionalist system of Wicca, and is a 3rd degree initiate of Italian Witchcraft (the Arician Tradition). She is a legally ordained clergy of Witchcraft. Stephanie has studied, taught, and used the magical arts as tools of transformation throughout her lifetime. She is also a professional Tarot reader, astrologer, and a teacher of Old World Witchcraft through the House of Grimassi (formerly the Fellowship  of the Pentacle).

Stephanie is the co-author and co-creator of the divination and teaching systems The Well Worn Path Oracle kit (2005) and The Hidden Path Oracle Kit, (2007). She currently lives in New England with her husband (author Raven Grimassi) and divides her time between operating Raven’s Loft cyber store, teaching workshops, managing the House of Grimassi project, and developing the Ash, Birch & Willow training system of Old World witchcraft.