Seasons of the Witch BTR- June 14th Podcast

The topic of this show is “The Art of Magic”.   Are there specific ways in which magic works, or it is simply doing whatever feels right?  What is magic?  How do tools factor in?   What is Traditional Magic, and what is Chaos Magic?  We will be discussing this and much more! Come and listen in on this fascinating topic that is ever ancient and ever new!

June 14th  7 pm



Patheos Article- Unearthing the Magical Mandrake

Unearthing The Magickal Mandrake

May 30, 2017 by Mat Auryn 

The mandrake plant (Mandragora officinarum / Mandragora autumnalis) has been highly prized for its magickal properties since ancient times and has been the subject matter of many stories, books, music and movies throughout time. The plant’s magick is even referenced in the book of Genesis and the Song of Songs, attributing to it aphrodisiacal powers. Mystical Jewish Lore states that King Solomon had a ring of immense magickal power which is stated in various lore as having contained a mandrake root inside of it.

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May 31st: Souls of Light, and Hearts of Darkness

In the Epic Tales of heroes we find the classic battle between good and evil  We seem to live now in an Age where this conflict is all too common place.  Join authors Raven & Stephanie Grimassi for a discussion on where things seem to have become in modern times.  Are we light bearers in the places of Darkness, or do we prefer throwing stones from the Shadowed Places?  Does spirituality still have a place in this world? Does religion?  Hey, can we talk?